24 Hours in Versailles Long Beach

Friday, February 7th | 8:00 PM
Beverly O'Neill Theater


Silence is a key factor of audience members during performances. Musica Angelica concerts are designed for adults and older children. Concerts are not recommended for children under the age of 7 years old. All concert attendees must possess a ticket. Individuals of any age disrupting the performance or disturbing other patrons will be asked to leave.


Louis XIV known as Roi Soleil (Sun King) reigned as King of France from 1643 until his death in 1715.

A musical evening that reflects the power and wealth of Louis XIV, France’s Roi Soleil (Sun King.) Soprano Molly Netter and a colorful orchestra featuring woodwinds, brass, and percussion bring to life the beauty and brilliance of life at the Versailles court. Experience a royal day of music – from the King’s awakening with music, musical banquets, dance, festival church and dinner music composed by Lully, Mouret, Marais, Couperin, and Rameau.

Concert 3
Associate Music Director: Gonzalo X. Ruiz

Soprano: Molly Netter

Jean Baptiste Lully:

• Mouvements de trio

Jean-Joseph Mouret:

• Suite de Symphonies

Marin Marais:

• La Sonnerie

• Trios pour le coucher du roi

François Couperin:

• Deuxieme Leçon de tenebres

Jean Phillippe Rameau:

• Les Indes galantes