Musica Angelica


In recognition of our duty and desire to be an educational institution as well as a musical one, we have a collaborative partnership with the Long Beach Unified School District and Cal State Long Beach. Our scholarly, accomplished musicians will reach out to schools and students throughout all nine city council districts to share with them the unique beat and best of baroque music.

Long Beach Unified School District

Our school outreach program includes a history of classical music, an overview of many traditional Baroque composers, discussion of the period instruments and their differences from modern instruments, and the importance and value of music in our lives.  

In addition to outreach at the schools, Musica Angelica will bring Long Beach Unified School District students to our performances.  Music is about communication, creativity, and cooperation, and, by exposing students to this experience, they have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from a new perspective.” 

In Long Beach, Musica Angelica will host five concerts.  Long Beach Unified School District teachers will select 50 students that will be given the opportunity to attend each concert.  These students will be given three tickets—one for them and two for family members—to attend the concert.  This is a total of 150 individuals per concert over five concerts, or 750 Long Beach citizens in total, and 250 LBUSD students.  

Beyond performances, the conductor of the concerts provides an educational lecture before each concert for families with young children (and for adults too), and also talks to the audience during the concert between each of the pieces, providing additional insight about the composers or the time period.  

Performing on the authentic instruments brings out the nuances in the composition and this gives the music of that time period a pure quality, a joyous sound, and a dance-like feel when performed.  All of Musica Angelica’s musicians are specially trained to perform on these instruments and there are only about 200 professional musicians in the U.S. who have this training.  As such, Musica Angelica’s captivating musical performances have a fascinating historical organizational context to them as well.  This is a truly unique opportunity to present classical music in a historically relevant context for our Long Beach students.  

California State University—Long Beach

In addition to their performances, our musicians will provide Master Classes to students at California State University—Long Beach, free of charge to the students and the university.  

In Master Classes, selected CSULB students prepare pieces to play for our world-renowned soloists and musicians.  In one-on-one or small group settings, our musicians offer valuable feedback to these students about their performances.  This allows the students to focus on bringing out the nuances of classical music pieces, expanding their abilities beyond purely technical to bring emotion and passion with them to the stage.  Our musicians also speak with students about developing careers in music.  

As with many organizations, we seek to have a diverse group of individuals on the stage.  We seek students of diverse backgrounds at CSULB to provide opportunities to increase their experience and technical ability, contributing to the diversification of the field of classical music.